Who we are

The Green Bean Café Social Enterprise is supported by Kilcornan Community Development Association Ltd.  We are based in the Athenry Primary Care Centre. . 

The Café will be staffed by participants currently assisted by the Skylark Centre and Swan Centre.  It will give them the chance to gain real-life work experience though a social enterprise café. We offer training so that they can build their confidence and become highly skilled Baristas and expert café assistants.  This initiative will be supported by the Swan Centre & Skylark Centre staff based in Athenry and Brothers of Charity Services.

Social Enterprises are businesses whose core objective is to achieve a social, societal or environmental impact. They trade on an ongoing basis in goods or services which support disadvantaged groups, or address wider societal issues such as food poverty, social housing, or environmental matters. Profits are reinvested to maximise the impact. This is what distinguishes social enterprises from commercial business.

Mission of the Green Bean Café

Our mission is to create a community café that supports, trains and employs young people with learning difficulties, giving them valid employment within their communities, whilst empowering them and supporting them to transition into the world of work. Our café will reflect our core values; that social fairness and the protection of the planet will be a pre-condition of all our activity and our business practice will be honest and fair.

Vision of the Green Bean Café

Our vision is to create a society where adults with learning disabilities have an equal and fair chance at obtaining and maintaining employment. 

The goals of the “Green Bean Cafe” café and social enterprise are to:

 1. Build a sustainable Social Enterprise.

2. Achieve at least 50% employment of people supported.

3. Build a training funnel creating a pathway to employment.

4. Create a space to display and resell craft products.

5. Operate on a not-for-profit basis that breaks even, but provides a service to the local community and to those within the Brothers of Charity etc.

If you wish to find out more or would like to become an employment partner, please contact us to help our Barista Apprentices settle into their next dream job.